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Meet the nanny Yaya 

Meet Yanelly....She also goes by the nickname Yaya... She is the proud CEO of Barks and Whistles, Paws Here Pet Travel & Pawsitive Vibes Miami

She is a Certified Veterinary Assistant and has been in the veterinary field for over 25 years and caring for furry babies is her passion.  Besides operating Barks and Whistles, Yanelly also helps Edgewater Pet Clinic with submissions of pet insurances and approval of prescriptions.

Barks and Whistles was created to help pet parents feel at ease when they need to leave out of town. Whether it is for vacation, business, or an unexpected trip, Barks and Whistles is dedicated to taking care of the furry babies while their parents are away.   No cages are used for boarding, and space is limited.  Please inquire about reservations.

Please note, as of 2023, we have limited availability. We will no longer be operating during major holidays.  

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